Your business bank account made easy

Finance is a big consideration when forming your own business, but setting up your business bank account isn’t exactly one of the fun factors! We can help.

Your fast track business bank account with £50 cash back from us

With our deal from Barclays you’ll benefit from a dedicated account team and an automated fast track application process, as well as £50 cash back from us when you open your bank account within 90 days of incorporating your company.

Making the new business bank account figure work as easy as 1, 2, 3 for you:

  1. It’s automatic - we'll send your company registration details to Barclays.

  2. Within 48 hours the bank will contact you to set up a meeting with your Barclays Business Manager and open your account.

  3. We’ll put £50 cashback into your new business bank account. Email us with your company name, registered address, sort code and bank account number and as soon as we’ve verified your bank account details with Barclays – normally within eight weeks – we’ll transfer the cash into your account.

With Barclays you're in good company

Barclays helps over 85,000 new start-up businesses every year and they offer a range of benefits that add up to a great deal:

What you'll get from Barclays

  • Free business banking - you won't pay for standard transactions for up to two years.

  • Professional advice - free consultations with local accountants, solicitors and marketing specialists on managing cash flow, being compliant with the law and attracting customers.

  • Free local seminars and workshops – get best practise tips on topics from marketing your business and growing profits through to trading online and employing staff.

  • 2GB of free data backup – helping to ensure your business data is safe and secure with i-sure business.

  • Award winning credit management toolCREDITFOCUS will help you reduce the risk of late payment and bad debts.

  • Unique business management software – helping you to manage your day-to-day bookkeeping, create business plans and stay compliant with the latest HR and Health & Safety regulations.