Trusted Advisor Package

Legal compliance, tax, managing your cash flow…the admin side of business can be stressful, time-consuming and downright confusing.

Our complete package deals with the things that get in the way of doing what you love. We form your Ltd Company, and you get ongoing support and advice from specialists, with access to business tools that let you get on with actually running your business.

What’s included in the Trusted Advisor Package?

With the Trusted Advisor package, we will help answer all the above questions by forming your company, supplying you with key business tools, and giving ongoing accounting and legal advice. Here’s what the package includes.

Limited company formation

Forget the paperwork and filing fees. We’ll take care of forming your company at Companies House

– Limited Company formed at Companies House
– Incorporated Company House filing fee

Company Documents

As well as forming your company, we’ll provide you with the key documents you’ll need throughout the duration of your business

Updates to Company record

The average small business changes their business details 3 times per year. Rather than worry about submitting forms and paperwork, we can make the changes on your behalf.

– Confirmation Statements filed for you
– Updates to your company record whenever you change your address, shareholders, or directors

Accounting and Tax

Accounting and tax are notoriously complex areas that can easily see you getting into trouble. Rather than relying on confusing online advice, we offer an expert accountant who can answer all of your questions.

– Access to an accountant through our helpline so you can ask them tax and accounting-based questions
– VAT and PAYE registration with HMRC

Legal and compliance regulations can be a minefield. Rather than risk getting into trouble, we can offer expert advice from a qualified lawyer whenever you need it.

– 30-minute phone consultation with a qualified lawyer
– Access a library of legal document templates (Word documents marked up with editing instructions)
– Submit a number of legal documents to be reviewed by a lawyer

Trusted Advisor Package

Call us today and speak to our helpful support team to see how you could benefit from our Trusted Advisor package.

FREE Lifetime
Customer Support

Got a question about your company? Whether it's before, during or after the incorporation process, we're happy to help you.

 FREE Access to Business Apps

We'll give you free access to a collection of online tools worth over £340 per year.

 FREE Consultation with an Accountant

We'll give you a free consultation with an approved local accountant.

 FREE Business bank account

We'll give you the option to open a free Business bank account with Barclays.

Need help? Call our helpful support team at

020 7129 8651

(Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:30pm)

Free Business Start Up Toolkit

Everything you need to start, run and grow your new company


Get free access for life to BaseKit. BaseKit is a one page sitebuilder for small businesses. You'll save £24 a year with this free access.


Get free access to CreditHQ Basics. It'll help you find out the information you need to start trading with other businesses.


Get free access to PlanHQ, a tool to help you creating your perfect business plan. You'll save £180 a year with this free access.


Get 10GB data backup at MozyPro. Losing important data is in the past. You'll save £109 a year with this free access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I ready to set up a company?

Yes, definitely! Registering a company might seem an intimidating process, but it is actually much simpler than you think: especially in the hands of seasoned company formation agents like us. We’ll not only help you with registering a company but offer a range of services to support your business at all stages of its life. We’ll help you sort out your company registrations online, with a process so quick and easy you can go ahead and focus on the fun bits.

What type of company am I buying?

You’ll buy a fully trading UK Private Limited Company, limited by shares. The company is set up as a separate legal entity which is owned by shareholders.  If the business runs into trouble the amount that shareholders are liable for is limited to the value of any investment they have made in the shares of the company.  Any profits made belong to the company and can either be reinvested in the company or passed onto the shareholders using dividend payments.  The company cannot sell shares to the general public.

How long does it take until I can start trading?

It will take around 3 working hours until you can start trading if your incorporation complies with the Companies House company registration regulations. However, this depends on how quickly Companies House is able to process applications. A formation should take no longer than 48 working hours maximum to process.

Is there anything I need to do after incorporation?

Once we’ve registered you as a limited company you’ll need to contact HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to let them know that your company is active and has started its first accounting period. An accountant should be able to support you with this, as well as advising you on other organizations that your business needs to register with.

What about my bank account?

Our deal with Barclays means you can benefit from a dedicated service and an automated application process for your business bank account. Once your incorporation is complete we’ll automatically send your company registration details to Barclays.  They will then contact you, within one working day, to arrange a meeting to open your Barclays Business Current Account. 

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