Ready to have your company set up?

Registering a company might seem an intimidating process, but it’s actually much simpler than you think: especially when in the hands of seasoned company formation agents The Formations Company. We’ll not only help you with registering a company, but offer a range of services to support your business at all stages of its life. Whether you’re after advice on accounting, are racking your brains for good business ideas, or need some help sorting out a logo, we’re here to help for as long as you want or need.

We’ll help you sort out your company registrations online, with a process so quick and easy you’ll be left to focus on the good bits.

What’s the difference between public limited companies and private limited companies?

A company’s legal structure is typically determined by its commercial needs: both public limited companies (PLC) and private limited companies have their pros and cons. You will need to set up a PLC if you want to be able to offer shares in your company to the public, something that can help you raise capital via external investment. We do not currently form PLCs, but you can first form a private limited company with us and then when you’re ready, apply to make the switch. Learn more about public limited companies.

Shareholders in private limited companies are typically founders, directors, or family members. In companies like these, no stock is offered to the general public. This is typically the sort of company most start ups begin life as.

How do I go about registering a company?

Easy, we’ll do it for you. Check out our packages to learn more about our different products, starting from a cool £10.99, all the way until our super entrepreneur package. Limited company formation is a straightforward business if you’re as well-versed with the process as we are.

Why The Formations Company?

We’re dedicated to British business, and love nothing more than seeing new companies form and thrive from the ground up. Over 250,000 companies in the UK have trusted us to help them incorporate, and we’ve thousands of happy customers who are quick to mention just how simple and easy the formations process was.

We’re also cheaper than going to Companies House directly, as well as being cheaper than most accountants. Our online application is incredibly simple, and if you’ve got all your documents handy shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete.