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Client company formation



Client Management

Priority phone and email support

Dedicated support team

Hub business manager

Client Must haves

Business bank account

✓ £55 Cashback*✓ £55 Cashback*✓ £55 Cashback*

Client Registered Address

Registered office address

Service address

Digital scan & send

Mail forwarding


Client Company admin

Confirmation statement


Dissolution service

Company filling edits

5 p/y

Dormant returns


One off payment

A one time payment that's required in full at time of purchase.

Per client, Per month payment

A monthly recurring payment that is taken on the same day every month.

Limited company formation

A limited company formation submitted online. This includes the £12 Companies House filing fee.

Certificate of Incorporation:

The certificate provides confirmation that your company has been incorporated under the Companies Act 2006.

Memorandum and Articles of Association:

The Memorandum of Association is a written legal agreement signed by all initial shareholders of a company, agreeing to form the company. Articles of Association are the written rules which define how the company will be run. These rules are agreed on and signed by the company director, shareholders and secretary.

Share certificates:

If a company is limited by shares, a Shareholder Certificate is sent out at the time of incorporation or just after incorporation. The certificate includes information such as the company’s registered address, plus the names and addresses of the shareholders.

Account and portfolio management

Priority phone and email support:

Priority phoneline and email inbox will get you through to one of our experts ASAP should you need them.

Dedicated support team:

You'll get lifetime support from our dedicated experts and access to our priority phoneline and inbox to make sure your questions answered ASAP.

Hub business manager:

Manage your client's company in one place, along with all your other clients' companies.

Client must haves

Business Bank Account:

It’s a legal requirement to have a business bank account as a limited company. We’ve handpicked a range of different types of business bank accounts to suit all types of business. You can even get £55 cashback when you open a Barclays business bank account!

Client registered address

Use our office address as your client's registered office and service address. We're Companies House approved, HMRC regulated. Our 3 in 1 service that protects your clients privacy, all other directors privacy too.

Registered office address:

On the public register, use our address as the business’s registered office address

Service address:

On the public register, use our address as all the directors service address

Mail forwarding:

Quick and efficient mail forwarding and junk mail filtering. No additional handling or postage fees.

Digital scan and send:

We'll digitally scan all your mail, then email you a copy, making sure you get it ASAP.

Client company admin

Company admin is time consuming and it's easy to make mistakes. Our experts will carry out all necessary admin for your clients company to save you time and money.

Confirmation Statement:

A confirmation statement is a snapshot of all the information about the company directors to make sure that Companies House's records are up to date. It's a legal requirement for limited companies to file a confirmation statement at least once every 12 months.

Dissolution service:

If your client decides to close their limited company, you'll have to let Companies House know. There are several different ways of doing this depending on the circumstances of why you're closing your limited company.Our experts will take care and take the necessary course of action with Companies House, should you need it.

Dormant returns:

If your client's company has no ‘significant’ transactions in the financial year, it’s classed as dormant. In this case, we’ll file a Company Tax Return to show HMRC that your company is dormant so you don’t have to.

Company filling edits:

At some point in your client's business's lifetime, it's likely that changes will need to be made, be it changing a directors details, removing/adding a shareholder, a change of address or even changing the company name. Our experts will promptly do this for you.

Upgrade for support and peace of mind

Get up and running with everything you need to start and run your business. Subscribe and let us take care of your on-going filing requirements.




Limited company

Continue with one-time purchase

Upgrade for support and peace of mind

Get up and running with everything you need to start and run your business. Subscribe and let us take care of your on-going filing requirements.




Limited company

Continue with one-time purchase

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Your questions answered

Do you offer accountancy services?

Yes, we do. Contact our customer support team on 020 7129 8651 for more information.

Do you offer business bank accounts?

Yes, we currently offer Barclays, Cashplus and Anna Money business bank accounts.

Where do I get my authentication code?

Once your company has been incorporated, you can locate all of your important company documents by logging back into your TFC account and navigating to the ‘View Company’ section, you’ll also see your authentication code within this section.

As per Companies House rules, we’re not permitted to verbalise or email you the authentication code. You have to log in to your account to retrieve this.

How do I dissolve my company?

We offer our company dissolution service to all companies. The service costs £60 + VAT.

Whatever the reason for your closure – if you’ve not traded for 3 months. We’ll fill out all the relevant paperwork and file it with Companies House, saving you a lot of time and effort. All you’ll need to do is sign your documents when we send them over to you.

After your documents have been submitted to Companies House your business will be removed from the register within 3 months. This is the standard length of time it takes Companies House to file a dissolution.

How do I renew my Registered Agent subscription?

If you pay yearly for your subscription, the service will automatically renew on an annual basis, you’ll receive a reminder email 30 days before the renewal date. 

Your payment will automatically be collected on the renewal date using the debit/credit card details we currently hold for you. If you need to update your card details you can log in to your account and select Subscriptions here you can add a new card payment.

If you require any assistance with your payment details please call us on 020 7129 8651 and one of the customer care team will be happy to assist you.

How do I update my forwarding address for my Registered Agent subscription?

You can email us at with your company name, previous forwarding and new forwarding address as well as a proof of address document. 

Once we have completed our electronic verification checks we’ll make the changes and confirm the process has been completed.

How long does the company formation process normally take?

It usually takes up to 3-6 working hours to form a limited company, although it can take up to 24 hours, dependent on Companies House workload on the day.

Can I get an update on when my company will be formed?

Once your application has been submitted to Companies House, we’re unable to get updates of any progress until your company is successfully incorporated or rejected.  

We’ll notify you once your company is incorporated so you can log in to your account to retrieve your documents and authentication code.

If your company is rejected, we’ll text and email you to let you know so you can log in to your account to see the rejection reason. One of our customer care team will also try to contact you to help successfully incorporate your company.