Anti-Fraud and Anti-Fraud Plus

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Fraud Plus

Eliminate the biggest threats to small businesses.


All small businesses are at risk from fraudulent activity – whether you’re a solo operation or a big team. It can happen to anyone, which is why we always recommend that our customers take the necessary precautions.

  Anti-Fraud Anti-Fraud Plus

Enable PROOF to stop paper filings to Companies House


Monitoring and alerting of changes to your company


Reminders for key filing dates


Unlimited credit checks with CreditHQ worth £180


Get anti-fraud

Get anti-fraud plus


Anti-Fraud: for just £3.99 this will ensure your business is continually monitored for changes. If any are made, we’ll contact you directly. That way you’re never unaware of any activity that you may not have authorised.

Anti-Fraud Plus: our safest possible package. For just £8.99, you can now take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of you and your business.


Preventing fraudulent activity is quick and easy: get protected now.