Student Are Trained For Entrepreneurship

You have found this page because it has crossed your mind.

Starting a business while you’re young and having various support networks available to you could make this the perfect time to flex your entrepreneurial muscles.

Trends for young entrepreneurship grow year on year in the UK.  University degrees are expensive and students are being told that the job market is tough. They are made aware of the fact that fighting over ever-more competitive graduate positions is a reality and that starting salaries can be daunting.

If you’re a student take a look at the alternative. Now could truly be the best time to start your own business. After all you’ve just been recently trained to meet deadlines, to do research for a project and to deal with various stakeholders. You have even been in many stressful situations where quick thinking and rational decisions are required. You have in fact been trained to learn.

That’s very “entrepreneurial” already some would say.


Here are 4 straightforward reasons why starting a company can be for you right now:

You’ve got transferable skills for business

The many skills learnt in one course or module at College or University can be applied to other modules and to employment. For example, there is a lot of emphasis on learning independently and working in groups. Both will be useful to students going into employment. Presentation skills (which can later be sharpened for Pitch Presentations to Investors) are of tremendous benefit in both University and real life in business.


You can build a low-cost workforce

One of the best things about being a student entrepreneur is that you’re surrounded by a support network of people and resources. If you look around at what is available to you right now you may find that there are many groups and organisations who enable students to earn a little bit of money as commission.


Pop-up ‘mentors’ are everywhere – if you look

No matter what sort of events you go to it’s the people who go along who make it worthwhile. Perhaps now is a good time to think of ‘networking events’ being added to your Calendars. Attending events will ‘sharpen the saw’ and bring recent lessons learned back in the forefront of your mind, ready to be employed for your next entrepreneurial project!


Colleges and Universities want you to be noticed

Colleges and Universities also have people and organisations that are there to help the budding student Bransons. Our blog has more inspiration from published authors on How University can open your mind to enterprise and Why University is the perfect place to start a business

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