All you need to know about Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016

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There are certainly easier paths to choose in life than being an entrepreneur. That’s part of the appeal for many of the people who form their companies with us. Not just anyone can do it. It takes drive and ambition to start a business. This inevitably means that many don’t even make it to the starting line. If you’re the entrepreneurial type, it’s likely that your venture is your life.

Whether you’re a fully-fledged business owner or someone with entrepreneurial spirit, Global Entrepreneurship Week is a great way to network, learn, and get involved in the trends and challenges facing the wider community.

What is Global Entrepreneurship Week?

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a designated week in November in which thousands of events take place across the world. As many as 160 countries are participating this year, so it’s no small-scale affair. The idea is to connect entrepreneurs with potential investors, mentors and partners. As well as to bring the global community together to share ideas. The project is powered by a non-profit, the Kauffman Foundation. However, it has thousands of partners and links to world leaders. Some of its partners in the UK include The Peter Jones Foundation, UnLtd and Startup Direct.

Themes at Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016

GEW Investors

Early stage investors can attend GEW to be connected to entrepreneurs, startup owners and policymakers. Events directed at investors offer the unique opportunity of having everyone in one place. They encourage broader networks and working relationships to be built for the future. Topics being covered in this category of events include trends in angel investing and the future of crowdfunding.

GEW Women

Knowledge sharing among women the world over is a priority this year at GEW. Globally, female entrepreneurs continue to face barriers both in developed and undeveloped countries. You might have read some of the startling facts about women in business in the UK in our blog. However, globally, the picture is far more complex. Topics covered this year will include the encouragement of young women in STEM education fields and women in tech.

GEW Youth

Events this year are designed to celebrate the young entrepreneurial spirit. As well as target university students and graduates. It is also about connecting young people to investors and co-founders who can help them get started. GEW Youth aims to find ambassadors for the cause. As well as help young people fine-tune their skills as the next generation of global entrepreneurs. Topics covered: mentorship programmes to millennials to older generations and how to improve classroom learning.

GEW Cities

GEW Cities looks at how startup communities nurture the development of their own entrepreneurs and companies. It’s aimed at driving entrepreneurial ecosystems with unique policies and programmes. The discussion comes in a timely manner. This is because city officials continue to realise the importance of small businesses economically alongside enterprises. Among the topics that will be covered are mapping and measuring startup ecosystems at the city level. As well as public policies and programmes that develop startup cities.

GEW Scale-Ups

This is all about taking startups with bags of potential and considering what the entrepreneurial community can do to maximise their growth potential. This is through investment and mentorship. Scaling up is a tricky path to navigate. If it’s your pain point right now, we’ve got an article about how to grow a startup successfully in our blog that might help. GEW Scale-Ups is also a chance to highlight those events and competitions worldwide. These are devoted to helping drive startup growth and success. Furthermore, scale-Ups will cover topics around mentorship opportunities. From flourishing starts or entrepreneurs, as well as successful scale-up stories in local and regional areas.

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