Choosing a service address

As well as setting up your registered office address, which is visible to the public and where all statutory documents from Companies House and HMRC will be sent, your company directors are required to register either a private address or a service address to which any official correspondence relating to the business will be sent.


Directors’ addresses are also available to the public and for this reason, many choose not to list their private addresses, instead of setting up a service business address to protect their home from unsolicited business enquiries.


Things to consider when setting up your service address


  • Your service address can be anywhere in the world.
  • It can be a residential address or a business address and you can use the same address as the registered office address if you prefer.
  • This is where all official post relating to the company will be sent to the director.
  • The service addresses of each director are available for all to access on the public register.
  • Companies House must be informed of any change of service address. This can be done by completing a CH01 form (change of particulars for director) through the Companies House website.


How to protect your service address


If privacy is important to you or your company directors, you won’t want that information on the public register. This can easily be done through a service that is similar to a registered office service. A registered office service allows you to change your company’s registered office address to another one and your mail is forwarded to another address chosen by you.


This can also be done for your service addresses. You can pay a company to use their address as your registered address for your directors. However, this can be expensive as sometimes you have to pay a fee per director, not to mention if you really value your privacy, you’ll want a registered office service too which not only can be expensive but also confusing.


This is why we came up with Registered Agent. It’s a service that protects your services address for all your directors, as well as your registered office address, and forwarding all your mail to a chosen address post-haste (excuse the pun). Even if you haven’t formed your limited company yet, why not consider our Super formation bundle where you get our Registered Agent service for 1 year! Or our Pro formation bundle where you get it for along as your subscribed!


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