How to start a company in the UK if you live overseas

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The UK is one of the most attractive locations to start a new business. Good communications, a friendly taxation environment and a thriving economy that embraces innovation all contribute to fertile ground. Even better, with The Formations Company, it’s quick, simple and affordable to open a UK company, even if you are not a UK resident and live overseas


How to start a limited company in the UK from overseas


Non-residents can form a company in the UK, the application process and legal requirements are the same for everybody. You’ll need to:


  • Pick a name for your company
  • Register your company with Companies House or a formations agent
  • Pass the required Anti Money Laundering checks
  • Register your business address
  • Appoint your directors and a company secretary
  • Allocate shareholders and shares
  • Submit your memorandum and articles of association
  • Register for corporation tax


Our ‘International bundle’ has been specially designed to give non-UK residents everything they need to start a limited company in the UK. It includes everything from a UK registered business address to a business bank account and even includes checking your application to make sure everything is completed correctly.


Click here to find out more about the International Formation Bundle and start your UK limited company today.

Essential when starting a limited company in the UK from overseas


To start a limited company in the UK as a non-UK resident, you’ll need to make sure you have the following:


A bank account registered in the UK

Most major banks will offer banking services specifically tailored to overseas businesses. We have a range of business bank accounts that suit all kinds of businesses for you to choose from,


A UK registered office address

You will need an official address for all your official mail and documentation. If you are not able to be based in the UK and receive mail at a UK address, services like registered agent will be a huge help. With this service, you can list a prestigious London address as your company’s office address, while all your communications are forwarded directly to you.


An available company name

To form your company, you will need a company name that’s not already registered. This must be a unique name that is available in the UK and not already taken by someone else. Once you purchase the International formation bundle with us, we’ll work with you to get the company name you want.


Managing tax from overseas


The tax you pay as a limited company will depend entirely on your business and how it operates. You will have to pay Corporation tax as a limited company, register for VAT if you reach the £85,000 yearly turnover (unless you want to voluntarily register) as well as pay income tax and possibly national insurance. You should seek professional guidance when it comes to tax to avoid any fines or penalties or check out the government’s website here.


How we can help start your limited company in the UK from overseas


At the Formations Company, we’ll take care of everything for you and our expert and friendly customer support team are on hand to help you every step of your journey. When you chose to form your UK limited company with us you’ll get:


Limited Company Formation check and send

Once you complete your application, our experts will review your application to make sure everything is correct and fix anything incorrect. We’ll then file your application with Companies House for approval, which could be approved in a matter of hours (depending on Companies House’s workload).


UK registered office address & fraud protection

You’ll get free use of our UK registered office address (legally required when starting a company in the UK) for a whole year which normally cost £139.99 + VAT. We’ll We will help protect you and your company from identity fraud by disabling paper company filings and by signing you up to email notifications if any changes are made to your company so you can act swiftly if changes were not authorised by you.


Digital and printed documents and certificates

Not only will you get a digital copy of all your certificates and documents and your Online Person of Significant Control register, but we’ll also print and post them to you anywhere in the world. This includes your Certificate of Incorporation, Shareholder Certificates and your Memorandum & Articles of Association.


Additional services to suit all businesses

When you form your limited company with us, you’ll get access to a wide range of additional products that your company might need. We can register your business for tax, introduce you to an accountant, provide you with a range of business bank accounts, insurance, and much much more, whatever you need we can provide the best service at the best price.


Free lifetime customer support

Once you form your UK Limited company with us, you’ll get free lifetime customer support from our expert customer support team. You’ll be able to contact them via phone, email or live chat to ask any questions that you might have.


To form your UK limited company with us today all you need to do is click here and see if your company name is available to register.


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