What is a Confirmation Statement?

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Confirmation Statement

What is a Confirmation Statement?

The confirmation statement is a Companies House filing requirement which replaces the annual return. All limited companies and LLP’s registered in the UK are required, by law, to file a confirmation statement every 12 months. Not doing so could result in prosecution.

Even if your company is dormant, you’ll need to submit your company accounts and verify that the data stored by Companies House is correct and that the register is up to date. You’ll be asked to check several things including:

  • Your company name
  • Registered business address
  • Information about each company secretary
  • Class of shares
  • SIC codes
  • Information about people with significant control.

If your company is no longer trading, you can also have it removed from the Companies House Register. This means that your company will no longer exist.


Before you file your statement

Before filing your confirmation statement, you should check that the information held by Companies House about your business is correct. You can check the information held on your business by using the Companies House Service. If any of the information is incorrect, you must update this before or at the same time as filing your confirmation statement.

Filing your statement and reporting changes

You must file your statement online. You’ll need your password and authentication code. If you don’t have one of these, you can register for one online. The additional information section within your statement can be used to let Companies House know if there have been changes to your:

  • Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC)
  • Statement of capital
  • Trading status of shares
  • Exemption from keeping a register of people with significant control
  • Shareholder information

Important – If nothing has changed, you must still file a confirmation statement. This simply confirms to Companies House that the information they hold is up to date.


When is the deadline?

You must file a confirmation statement at least once every 12 months. This is due on the anniversary of when you company is formed and is called your ‘confirmation date’. After your confirmation date, you’ll have 14 days to file your statement online. You can also choose to submit a confirmation statement at any time during your first 12 months after registering your business. This is called your review period.

Failure to do this could result in prosecution or your company being struck off the register. Company officers may also face personal prosecution for failing to file your statement. Company directors, secretaries and designated LLP members are legally responsible for ensuring that your statement is filed.

Important – If any information held about your business changes, you need to notify Companies House as soon as possible. This includes the information within your confirmation statement.

Difference between confirmation statement and annual accounts

Both your annual accounts and confirmation statement are due once a year.

The confirmation statement confirms key details about your business and its internal structure which is held by Companies House.

Your annual accounts show the financial performance of your business over the period of a year. A copy of this must be sent to members, Companies House and HMRC.


Dormant companies

Dormant companies must still submit a confirmation statement each year. Even if your company isn’t trading, you must make sure that the information held about your business is correct and update Companies House as soon as possible about any changes to company structure.

Penalties for late filing

If you forget to file your statement, you won’t be fined. However, if you don’t file one at all, you may be prosecuted as this is a criminal offence. It’s better to submit your confirmation statement as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary hassle or your company being struck off the register.

How we can help

Time is precious when you run a small business. However, it’s important that the information stored by Companies House about your business is correct and up to date. Failing to submit your annual confirmation statement could result in prosecution. We can help you file your statement, annual accounts or dissolve your company.


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