Registered office service

It’s common for new businesses to be run from home: especially if you’re starting out as a sole trader. But just because you don’t have the luxury of a swish new office just yet, it doesn’t mean you need to list your personal address as the official address for your company.


When you form your company, you are required to list a registered office address, which is seen as the official address of your company. It’s where all your official mail will be sent, will be visible on the public register, and will appear on all your company’s documents.


To stop you getting bombarded with junk mail, and to help keep your personal details from the public eye, we offer a service that allows you to list our prestigious central London address as your registered office address. We’ll also forward on any official correspondence we receive on your behalf.


What’s a registered office address?


Each new company is required to give Companies House two addresses: a registered address, and a service address. Your registered address is the ‘official’ address of your company, where your important letters from Companies House and HMRC will be sent. It’s what will appear on the public register, and all your company literature. Your service address is the public address of your company’s director.


Both these addresses are publicly available through Companies House, which means that by listing our third-party address as your registered office or service address (or both), your details will be protected.


Learn more about registered office and service addresses


Why does it matter which address I register?


You will still be able to trade no matter what address you list as your registered office. However, first impressions do count for a great deal, and having an address in a prestigious location will make it seem your company is already established enough to be operating from the heart of the bustling city of London.

Having our address as your registered office will also prevent your home address from appearing on the public register, which means that as well as protecting your privacy, you’ll be safe from floods of unwanted junk mail.

What you’ll get from us


  • Prestige


    You’ll benefit from the kudos and prestige of having a central London address appear as your company’s official address: as well as on all your company literature, including stationery.

  • Protect your privacy


    By using our address rather than your own as your company’s address, your home address will remain private. That means no junk mail, and no fear of your privacy being compromised.

  • Well-established


    If your business appears to run from a City of London address rather than a residential one, it can give your company a strong corporate image. You’ll appear more established: which can be the trust factor it takes for someone to accept your business.

  • Official mail forwarding

    We’ll forward on all your official mail from Companies House and Inland Revenue, so you won’t miss a beat. It’s all included in the package.


This is a yearly subscription. You will be billed at the same time every year as you continue to use the service.