Sharing Expertise With The Curated Bookshelf

With so many offline and online options vying for your attention, it can be difficult for entrepreneurs like yourself to find the right book to advise and inspire your start-up business. From our experience, the best books always seem to come on recommendation from someone you trust– or even better someone you admire also– which is exactly what inspired us to set up the Curated Bookshelf.

The idea is that people who’ve had success in business can recommend books on marketing, entrepreneurship and business to newcomers. As they are on the same journey, sharing the very book that inspired them would be more than a good source of information: it could be the spark for your next creation. Inspiration is infectious, so within a few weeks of launching this project, the ripple effect of those extending a gesture of kindness has been much more than expected.

We have 5 top books so far…
(and the list is constantly growing)

The books that are most mentioned have earned a place on our curated bookshelf –
a collection of books best-loved by Inspirational Entrepreneurs we’ve featured in our blog, and others we encounter in our team’s daily lives with more than 150,000 startup customers and the thought leaders who empower us everyday.

We started out by asking the entrepreneurs we love to tell us about the books that inspired them to take the leap, and the result is an expertly-curated pick of the best business books around. The bookshelf is constantly growing as new recommendations come in so be sure to visit our Facebook or Twitter page to see the current top five, or if you feel like sharing, why not tell the world about a book that you found inspiring?