TFC Frequent User Program

Save money on packages and earn cashback by forming companies through us

Profit share with us

If you form companies regularly with us, we want to offer you more.  The Formations Company now gives customers who forms companies on behalf of their own clients large discounts on our top packages.  If your client opens a bank account through our partnership with Barclays we want will give you cashback for you to offer to your client as an incentive, or as a profit earner for your own business.


Also included in the program…

Other benefits of joining our frequent user program include:

  • Your own named account manager at The Formations Company
  • Priority postage on company documents
  • Unbranded items, whitelabeling your service


How to enter the program

If you want to find out more get in touch.  Give us a call on 0845 60 80 280 to speak to one of our account managers or email us at letting us know how many formations you do a month (approx).