Unsure about forming your company online?

Submit on the phone

For peace of mind you can now call our formation advisory team who will take you through the formation process.  Our advisors will ensure all of your new company's details are submitted correctly, reducing the chance of rejections from Companies House or incorrect data being included in your company application.

Although our website guides you through each stage of the application, input errors can take time and can be costly to sort out once your company has been incorporated.

By using our phone service, you can take advantage of our team's industry knowledge and experience to ensure that details are entered correctly.  Our team will ask you a range of questions to gather your requirements and submit the application for you whilst you are on the phone.

The advisor will also take you through:

  • Entering the correct company name

  • Setting up your company's registered address

  • Ensuring the directors details are correct

  • Assigning the right amount shares to the correct stakeholders

To take advantage of this service, please call our team on 0845 880 8180 for a quote, and you could have your new company application submitted over the phone today.

Call today: 0845 880 8180