Fuel your business dreams with The Formations Company’s annual Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Got a business idea that will solve a consumer need? Or feel there’s a market that hasn’t been tapped into yet? If you answered yes, then you’re a budding entrepreneur and we want to hear from you.

A great business idea can serve many purposes. It can be a survival necessity. It can add luxury to someone’s life. It can streamline an existing process. And at The Formations Company, we want to hear every idea.

That’s why we’re running our Entrepreneur of the Year Award. For the third year in a row, we’ll give £1000 to an entrepreneur with a great idea and help them form and set up a company. We created this award to support the brightest minds in business, and help their dreams become a reality.

Why form a company in the UK?

The UK is a hotspot for innovation. Just this year, KPMG released a report that ranked the UK as the fourth most promising market in the world for innovation, disruption and technology breakthroughs. Additionally, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are a critical part of the UK’s economy: they make up more than 99 percent of our private sector business landscape.

What would I get if I won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award?

[br]A bunch of business essentials to help your idea grow. Here’s what the prize entails:

  • A £1000 grant to inject into your idea and use in your business
  • A free company formation with The Formations Company
  • Our registered agent service, for free, for a year. This service enables you to use our central London address as your registered address, and we’ll forward your mail on to you
  • Six months of free accounting support with our partner Cobia
  • A free Barclays business account + tailored personal mentoring

Who is this award for?

[br]Anyone and everyone. We want to open our award to any person or group of people, based in the UK, who are aged 16 years or older at the time of entering. There’s no limit to the ideas we’d like to see in your entries – be as creative as you like!

Who was the winner of last year’s award?

[br]Last year’s winner went to Terrence Chung of FRUU Cosmetics. Chung is a Ph.D. biochemist who teaches cosmetics science in London. He also runs cosmetic development workshops for university students.

Chung’s business idea, FRUU, was a cosmetics company that turns surplus fruit and wasted coffee into vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and affordable cosmetics products. After winning, he launched FRUU.[br]

Want to be in the draw to kick-start your business idea?

[br]Applications close 5th November, so click here to apply!