Welcome to the first part of our company name blog series all about… you guessed it, Company names! In the first part, we’re going to discuss the importance of picking the right name for a company with a few handy tips to help you create the best company name possible.


Choosing a company name

Your company name is very important when starting a business, it’s the first thing people will see or hear when they encounter your business, and as we know, first impressions are everything. A lot of thought is needed when deciding on a company name, or even a trading name so here is 5 tips to help you:

1. Check to make sure your company name is not already taken – Click here to make sure you can register your company name idea and no one else has already done so.


2. Check if there are any trademarks registered to your company name idea – If there isn’t, you know that there is the opportunity to protect your business name by trademark law. If there’s already a trademark, it’s likely you won’t be able to trademark your name in the future (this is not always the case though!) If you want to check a company name for registered trademarks our expert trademark attorneys can help. Click here to book a free call to discuss it further.


3. Make sure there is a domain available that is easily related to your company name idea – If you plan to operate online, you’ll need a website, and you want your website’s address to be related to your business name, for example, Nike’s website address is www.Nike.com. This makes their website easy to find and in line with their brand.


4. Get feedback on the name – It’s important to get an idea of how other people will perceive your company name idea. Someone might interpret or associate your idea in a completely different way than what you do. Ask your friends and family to see what they think.


5. Use a name that means something and won’t limit your company growth – Pick a name that has the capability of evolving as your business does and that will last, but also relates to your business, so the customers can easily recognize what your business does and won’t get confused.


Now you’re armed with the knowledge you need to pick a great company name, click here to take the first step, check it’s not registered with Companies House, and form your limited company!


Remember to check out part 4 of this blog series for more information on protecting company names. Click here to go straight to part 4 or here to head to part 2 which covers changing a company name.


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