Welcome to part 2 of the Company Name Blog Series. Here we’ll discuss all things to do with changing a company name and the pros and cons that go along with it. Enjoy!


Changing a limited company name


As a limited company, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to change your company name, for example, you might have already registered your limited company name, but have discovered that someone else has already registered a trademark for that name, or your company name no longer represents what the business does, there are few courses of action you can take:


  • If you formed your limited company with us, we would be happy to help you change it. Contact our customer support team and they’ll help you decide the best course of action. Click here to get in contact with them.


  • If you haven’t formed with us, you’ll need to sign in to Companies House web filing and sign in to your company and tell Companies House. You can find more information on the government website about changing names here.


Changing a limited company name does have its pros and cons. One of the main cons of changing your business name is that all the brand image and reputation you have built up using your previous company name could be lost. Your existing customers might not realise that you are still the same company and get confused, or even lose trust in your brand.


Secondly, It can take up a lot of time and resources to update everything to your new brand name, and finally, you will need to check to make sure your new company name isn’t a registered trademark or registered company with Companies House. This was discussed in part 1 of our series.


The pros namely (pun intended) are that if your business has outgrown the company name, changing it will make it more suitable to what your business does, making it easier for your customers and potential customers to relate and separate yourself from your competitors. This also opens the door to trademarking your company name, if your existing business name is already trademarked, protecting your brand even more!


If you’d like to speak to one of our trademark attorneys, click here to book your no-commitment initial consultation!


Hopefully, this blog post gives you enough insight to decide if you need to change your company name and how to do it. Why not check out part 3 – Using a trading name before you make any final decisions. It could save you a lot of hassle!


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