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Get Inspired- Win a book from our Curated Bookshelf

Inspiration and that good-old-fashioned ‘Quest for Knowledge’ are crucial at many points throughout one’s entrepreneurial journey. Most need it in spurts; some need a constant flow…but everyone needs it at some point. To quench that proverbial thirst, today’s entrepreneur is spoiled for choice like never before. However, discovering that one book could pose a serious time challenge. An online search for ‘Small Business and Entrepreneurship’ will generate more than 5,000 titles, for instance.
Therein lies the conundrum…

A handful of great websites carry hundreds of books promising inspiration and come ‘highly recommended’ by various critics.  But who has the time to look through Amazon’s Top 100 Hot New Releases or Top 100 Most Wished For?  How does one find that gem of a book that holds the key to your next creative spark?

Relying on algorithms and ‘what’s popular’ may not always be the best, so we created “A Curated Bookshelf”.

First, we asked Entrepreneurs we love, and those who have shared their stories with Build British Business blog about the one book that inspired them to take The Leap (or has fueled their journey). We started building our Curated Bookshelf last year, and this month we’re giving everyone a chance to win one of the Top 6 books that moved mountains in the minds of a handful of entrepreneurs we’ve come to love and admire: The Pirate Inside, $100 Startup, Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson, The Innovator’s DNA, Made To Stick, and The Rise of The Creative Class.

The best part about all this is that it started simply: an idea for what we thought would be a neat competition; but it’s now become a way for entrepreneurs from all over the world to just reach out with a kind gesture. We love that you can be part of it.
Published Wednesday January 1, 2014