Whichever way you swing, there’s no doubt that this year’s general election will mean a lot for British business owners. Whether affected by changes to the budget (hello, digital tax return), changes to corporation tax, the UK’s EU membership, or reducing regulation costs, you’ll need to take a long, hard look at what’s important to you, and what will most impact the way you want to do business.

Before you cast your vote in the general election…

You’ll need to figure out which policies will help to make these things happen. Considering how complex and multifarious the world of politics can be, this is no easy task.

British business is booming. In February 2015, there were a total of 3,440,919 businesses on the register, of which just over 3 million are active. These figures boast record levels of start-up companies, increasing amounts of which are founded and run by growing levels of overseas talent turning their attention to the UK. Against this ever-expanding, ever-diverse pool of entrepreneurs and business owners, there are more issues than ever to take into consideration, with consequences that will resonate on more levels than ever before.

How should you decide which party has your business’ best interest in mind?

We want to help. We want to know which issues, policies and concerns are at the forefront of your mind; which will help your business to grow and flourish, and which could threaten your success. So we’ve put together an app that breaks down policy sets most relevant to businesses, by party, and laid them out in a way that’s easy to understand. No frills, and no-nonsense: we don’t want to sell papers, we want to make issues that matter accessible to the people they matter to. We want to help them cut through all the noise and make the decision that will best help their business.

How will the survey help me?

You’ll be able to read policies grouped by issue, and line up different policies to see how they compare before you decide which you’d be better off supporting. We’ve also left space for you to tell us just how important all of these issues are to you, to give you a comparative idea of what you feel really matters.

When you’ve finished, we’ll show you which party you most agreed with based on the policies you selected, and how strongly you agreed with each party, based how important you felt those policies were. We’ll also show you cumulative results of what other business owners had to say, and how you fit in against what they’ve chosen. We’ll also publish these collective results, and work to make them visible to people able to effect change. And, if you’d fancy it, we’re happy to send you timely updates of how the polls switch in the lead up to the day itself.

Who is it suitable for?

Whether you own a fleet of trucks, run a corporate banking firm or have just plucked up the courage to register your company’s name, the policies outlined in this app will affect you, whether you’re aware of it or not. After all, this is your business we’re talking about: you didn’t pour your blood, sweat and tears into it for nothing.

Take the survey now, and find out which party you are most aligned with in business policies.  At the end of the quiz, we will show you your results.  Plus, we’ll reveal how your results fit in with other business owners, too, so you know how you sit against what others are saying about the general election.

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