From University to Entrepreneur: How Global Entrepreneurship Week Can Help

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If you’re coming to the end of University or College, you’ll no doubt be considering your options for the future. Let’s just consider those options:

You could apply for interesting graduate jobs and hope someone bites. Maybe, you’ll slave away doing an unpaid internship to gain valuable experience.  Maybe you’ll put it all off for now and plunge into further education. Or you could think about going it alone. How about building a successful business, giving true value to your customers. I know which one I’d go for!

I say go it alone, but that’s actually not the case. When many people think about taking the leap, it’s terrifying. But what they don’t realise is the support and opportunities available to them. Global Entrepreneurship Week is fast approaching. Between the 17th – 23rd November, anyone interested in exploring the possibility of being a self-starter is invited to join their workshops and micro events taking place across the UK.

You would never have thought it, but as a student or recent graduate, you’re in the perfect position to rise to the challenge as an entrepreneur. The skills you learn as you work through your course are easily transferable to the everyday activities of an entrepreneur. Let’s take a look at this in more detail…


Simply put – business owners need to have the motivation to get things done. With no one to answer to, you’ll take on a lot of responsibility, reaching the goals necessary to push the business forwards yourself. Right now, you’re in exactly the same position. No one is going to attend your courses, complete your coursework or ace those exams but you. You need the motivation to make it happen.

Time management

With so many different tasks to complete on a daily basis, entrepreneurs will often work to schedules and write lists in order to structure their work and meet deadlines. This is an important part of a successful business, as businesses need to be seen as trustworthy and meet the requirements of their customers. You have already been trained for this skill, with numerous courses and essays to submit by particular dates.

Decision making

Throughout your Uni life, you will have to make some difficult decisions about the kind of work you submit, how you will carry out the work, and what you will do to get the most out of your course. Likewise, a business owner will make many decisions on any given day, and will have to consider the best course of action for the good of the business.

Organisational skills

You already know what happens if your desk is covered with clutter and you’re diary is in disarray – you can’t find the things you’re looking for and your time spent working is an utter chore. Businesses work to the same standards you do, they organise their files, schedule their meetings, and set goals to meet their business ambitions.

Research skills

As a student, you’ll understand the laborious but necessary task of research. Every piece of work you complete will need to be highly researched while referencing all the authors you refer to. Well, there’s also plenty of research an entrepreneur will have to undertake to explore their target market, competition, demand, marketing strategy etc.

These skills are of high importance to any entrepreneur, and you’re now in a fantastic position to put them to good use and build your own business while they’re clear in your mind.

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