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Did you know that a small business is likely to face legal issues more than 10 times every year? Or that almost half of these issues will result in costs of £5,000 or more? For a more cost-effective solution to your company’s legal pains, choose Legal Plan.

Legal Plan is a product that offers small businesses access to a range of legal services for a flat monthly (or annual) subscription fee.

What does it cost?

The service is available as either a monthly subscription at £29.99/month or an annual subscription at £299/year (all prices excluding VAT).

What services are included?

  • Book 30 minute phone consultations with a lawyer, limited to one call per day and up to three concurrently booked appointments (all subject to lawyer’s availability)
  • Access to a library of legal document templates (word documents marked up with editing instructions)
  • Submit an unlimited number of legal documents to be reviewed by a lawyer (each document can be up to 10 pages in length)
  • Access to additional legal services not covered by Legal Plan at £150 per hour, a 25% discount off the lawyer’s standard rate of £200 per hour

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please call us on 0207 129 8651 – please note that you must do so at least 30 days in advance of your next billing date, or you will be charged for the next period.

How does booking a consultation work?

Should you need to speak to a lawyer please phone 0207 129 8651 and one of the team will set-up an appointment at the next available time. Please note if you need to reschedule your appointment then we are happy to do so but please provide as much notice as possible.

How does the document review process work?

If you would like a legal document reviewed then please email us at with your document attached, and one of our team will confirm receipt and pass it on to a lawyer for review.

Please note the review will provide written commentary on the document in the first instance and should you wish to discuss this further with the lawyer then you able to book a consultation.

If you would like use one of the legal documents templates that have been prepared by a lawyer then please phone 0207 129 8651 and one of the team will set up your access to the document library. The library includes documents such as a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Business to Customer (B2C) Terms of Sale document; the library is being frequently added to, so please contact us and access the library for an up to date list of available templates.

How do I access my subscription invoices?

If you would like a copy of your monthly or yearly invoices for your Legal Plan subscription, please give us a call on 0207 129 8651 and a member of our team will send you a copy via email.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You can view the Legal Plan terms and conditions by visiting the terms and conditions page here and scrolling down to the Legal Plan section.

If you need legal support beyond what can be provided in a consultation then the work can be undertaken by one of our qualified lawyer at the 25% reduced rate. Please phone 0207 129 8651 and one of the team will get a lawyer to call you back to discuss further.

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