Looking to start-up your own company?

It sounds cliché, but the very first step in starting up your dream business is actually just having an idea. Then comes the cavalry: registering your company name, sorting out a logo, writing a business plan. And, of course, officially registering your business with Companies House.

That might sound like a lot to manage, but there’s plenty to get excited about, because we’re here to take care of all the administrative hurdles for you. Not only are we authorised by Companies House (and so can have your company formed as quickly and efficiently as possible), but you can actually save money by choosing to form with us rather than going through them.

We know that starting up your own company can be both parts intimidating and exhilarating, and we’re here to take out the fear factor.

To find out if your new company name is available, use the search box below. We can register a business name for use right away, or form your business as dormant to save it for when you’re ready to begin trading.