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Registering or Forming a Company, What’s the Difference?

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When starting a company there’s a lot of jargon that you’ll need to get your head around. We’re often asked what the difference between registering a company and forming one is. The simple answer is there is no difference. Once you have registered your company with Companies House it is, essentially, formed!


How to start a limited company

To start up a limited company in the UK one of your first steps will be to register with Companies House. This will limit your personal liability when it comes to the success or failure of your business. It also protects your business name too.


Registering your business with Companies House

Registering your business with Companies House is easy. You can either do this directly via the Companies House web incorporation service or by filing a paper application. You could also choose to go via your accountant or you could use the professional services of a formations agent.

Incorporating your company with Companies House means that your company will appear on the UK register of companies. This will give it greater credibility and protect your business name from being duplicated. However, it will not give it trademark protection.


How do company formations work?

Company formation is a term used to describe the process of registering a business in the UK. Companies are registered with Companies House. You can register a new company by using a formations agent who are authorised to register your business for you, or you can submit the paperwork yourself.

How to form a company

  1. Pick a name for your company
  2. Register your company with Companies House or a formations agent
  3. Register your business address
  4. Appoint your directors and a company secretary
  5. Allocate shareholders and shares
  6. Submit your memorandum and articles of association
  7. Register for corporation tax

You’ll also need to pay for the service. You can find the current costs of registering with Companies House on their website. Registering through a formations agent could save on these fees and with the most basic packages, such as The Formations Company’s  E-Formation package, the service can cost less than the registration fee itself, even though this is also included.


Your company formation – using a formations agent

Using a formations agent to deal with your company registration means you’ll also be able to take advantage of their experience and knowledge in the process. The Formations Company is approved by Companies House to undertake company formations. It offers a range of packages that have been designed and developed to suit the widest range of new business needs.

Forming your company with The Formations Company can take as little as three working hours to complete and the form filling can take just twenty minutes. We can also be with you whenever you need some help during business hours. This could be either by phone, by email or via our online live chat. It all makes things much more simple and cost-effective than going direct.

For further information head to our help centre.

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