Long-Term Business Growth: Laying The Foundation

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Investing in your company is a big step. Business growth is not possible without significant investment, but what should you invest in, and how much is enough to make a difference? 

Business growth requires capital, which must be obtained via funding. 


Company Structure

Save Money on Tax and Acquire the Necessary Equipment

There is a unique opportunity for a limited company to purchase necessary equipment, like an Apple Mac or iPad. As a limited company that is VAT registered, you can claim purchases that are 100% for business purposes as an expense. This means that you can claim the VAT back on this purchase as an expense, it will reduce the amount of corporation tax that you’ll pay!

Raise Capital with Investors

Whilst you might start your business as the sole owner and do everything, including all the day-to-day tasks and providing funding to get things started, it’s more than likely that you will need new investment to make large purchases, such as new premises or new equipment and tech. By becoming a limited company, you are sowing the seeds that will allow you to do this easily. As a limited company, you will have shares that can be sold to raise much-needed capital to make these expensive purchases.

Encouraging Business Growth – The 7 Rules of Being a Director

By doing this, you will also have the opportunity to make sure that the person purchasing the shares will bring something to the table that your business is missing. This could be bringing on a new director that is an expert in what they do, which can make your business run efficiently and more productively in their area of expertise. Not only are these people financially motivated by being a shareholder, but they’re also bound by law and the 7 duties of being a director, which are:

  •     Act within powers
  •     Promote the success of the company
  •     Exercise independent judgement
  •     Exercise reasonable care, skill, and diligence
  •     Avoid conflicts of interest
  •     Duty not to accept benefits from third parties
  •     To declare an interest in a proposed transaction or arrangement


Residual Value

What is Residual Value?

Residual value is the predicted future value of a product at a given point in time. For example, at the end of a lease. Devices with a higher residual value lower a customer’s payments over the course of a lease, meaning your money goes further.

Saving you Money in the Long Run

There is always more to the cost of a device than the purchase price. Residual value and flexible financing options must also be considered to reduce upfront costs. This is especially important for startups that are conscious of their budget. Going for what seems like the cheapest option upfront may not always be the best course of action for those looking to get the most out of their money.

Affordability with Apple

Apple always focuses on building the best products for the their customers, but with Apple Financial Services they ensure that every business can find a solution that suits their needs and inspires business growth


Investing in Apple – Not as Costly as you Might Think

 Apple hardware, software, and services work seamlessly together, alongside your other business critical services, like apps from Microsoft and Google. Whether you’re working in the office, from home, or working remotely, Apple devices help keep your business in sync.

 If you chose The Formations Company to start your limited company today and chose the Pro Formation Bundle, you’ll get exclusive discounts on essential apple tech! This includes Registered office address, Legal and cashflow management and up to £100 cashback.

 Take the first step and check to make sure your company name is available to register as a limited company, chose the Pro Formation Bundle then enjoy these exclusive Apple discounts!


Check your company name

Exclusive Pro Bundle Offer

Was £149.99 per year, Now £114.99 per year!

  • Limited company formation
  • Registered office & service address for all directors
  • Access to discounted business tools & services
  • Exclusive discounts of up to E115 on Apple products
  • Leading business bank account options + up to £100 cashback
  • Companies House filing service inc. Confirmation Statements
  • Business legal health check + contract & doc creator
  • 24/7 legal helpline + credit checking & monitoring tools
  • Accountant consultation
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