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Introducing the UK’s top start ups

This year, we’ve seen spades of new and creative businesses appear all over the British Isles at an increasing rate. Always one to nurture innovative ideas, the UK is a big supporter of self-starters, so it’s no real surprise to see the count of successful, fresh, and exciting start-ups grow each year.

The Formations Company is no stranger to this process: we’ve helped to form over 250,000 companies over the years, and have proudly watched our alumni grow their dream businesses. When thinking about all these companies, we decided to take a look at some of the most impressive start-ups to recently emerge. We’ve laid out some of our favourites on the infographic below.

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In the infographic you’ll find what we believe to be the top start ups across the UK. We give a bit of detail for each of the companies we selected, and have included an additional section for all the Londoners out there. We hope you find it inspiring. Click here for permalink


Feeling inspired to create your own start up, or just itching to be your own boss for the first time? Don’t hesitate to get in touch— visit The Formations Company website to find out more, or check out our help centre for information and advice on what it takes to start up, and run a business. 
Published Sunday January 25, 2015

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