Concerned about privacy? Mail Forwarding can help.



If your company’s service address is listed to your address, you’re likely to receive lots of unsolicited mail and visitors, too.

Keep your details private and off the company register, but get all your mail delivered to you when you purchase our full Mail Forwarding bundle for £99.99. This includes:


  • Our City of London registered address.

  • Our City of London service address (this is what’s listed on the public company register, and will be considered your business HQ).

  • Our super-efficient mail forwarding service, which forwards all your mail to you wherever you are in the world.

  • A £20 postal float, which is used to cover any postage expenses like stamps and couriers. This will need to be topped up from time to time as it is spent.


Choose this bundle now to regain your privacy and boost your public image. You’ll also save £100 on the cost buying these products individually – so why wait?