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Choosing a Registered Office Address

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Registered Address

Choosing a Registered Office Address

When you set up your business, as well as your trading address, you must have a registered office address. Your registered office address is displayed on all company literature and public documents and is where all statutory documents from Companies House and HMRC will be sent.

Things to consider when setting up your registered address

  • Your registered office must have a full UK postal address and not a PO Box.
  • This is where all official post will be sent – you’ll need to be able to access this easily.
  • Using separate locations for your trading and registered addresses can make your business look bigger.
  • If you wish to protect your personal address or you’d like a more prestigious address on your company documents then using a third party registered address is a good solution and can be selected as part of your formation.
  • Companies House must be informed if you change your registered office address. This can be done by completing an AD01 form (change of situation or address of registered office) through the Companies House website.



What should my registered address be if I work from home?

Freelancers and start-ups work flexibly. Without a fixed space of work, it can be difficult to know what your registered address should be. Private limited companies – which many start-ups choose to operate as – legally need a registered address. If your place of work is flexible and you’d prefer to flit from one co-working space to the next, then the security of a registered address service could be beneficial to your business.

At The Formations Company, we offer an affordable Registered Agent Service that means you can get all your mail forwarded to your home address. Work wherever you like outside the home, and receive all of your mail without sacrificing your home’s privacy.

Privacy and Security

No need to use your home address as your registered address. With our registered address service, you can keep your personal life private. If you change co-working spaces often, you won’t need to go through the hassle of updating your registered address.

It’s a legal requirement to have a registered address if you’re a registered company. This is so government organisations such as Companies House and HMRC can contact you with important notices.

Forwarded and Protected Mail

No matter where you decide to take your work, we can send all your mail on to your permanent address of choice. This means that while you may desire to be flexible with your office space from month to month, you’ll never miss an important letter; your customers will know how to reach you.

Prestigious Central London Address

Even if you have a mobile office, you can have the security of a fixed address with our service.

One Month Free Trial

Want to try before you buy? No problem. We’re happy to give you your first month, free of charge.

Incorporate your company with on of our Formation bundles. Then, sign up to our Registered Agent Service and receive your first month of mail forwarding, free of charge.



For further information head to our help centre.

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