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How Much is it to Register a Company?

The cost of registering a company will depend on how you choose to go about it. The cheapest option is to register online, either directly with Companies House or with the help of a company formation package. But you can also register by post if you don’t mind paying a little more and waiting for everything to go through.


Option 1. Register Your Company Directly with Companies House

  • Your company will need to be limited by shares – under this structure the company exists as a separate legal entity from the shareholders, which protects their personal finances if the business runs up debts.
  • You should use the standard memorandum and articles of association templates available on the website – these forms spell out how the company will be run and they need to be signed by the shareholders, directors and company secretary.
  • Don’t forget to register for corporation tax and PAYE – you can also do this online.


Option 2. Save Yourself the Companies House Filing Fee

With our company formation packages, you can register your limited company quickly and simply. And, best of all, we’ll pay the £12 Companies House filing fee for you!

There are four packages to choose from:

  • E-Formation (£9.99): perfect if you want to secure a company name and don’t need any official printed documents.
  • Essential (£19.99): offers you complete confidence that you’re starting a company with the rules and regulations covered.
  • Entrepreneur (£59.99): kick-start your next big venture with official compliance and additional documents of incorporation.
  • Super (£89.99): the complete secretarial and compliance package to establish your company on a robust footing.


Option 3. Register Your Company by Post

If you’re not comfortable registering online, you can register by post for a fee of £40. In this scenario you should download form IN01 from the website.

It will normally take 8 to 10 days to register your company by post. But you can be registered on the same day if you get your application to Companies House by 3pm and pay a fee of £100.

All cheques should be made out to ‘Companies House’.

Option 4. Register As An Overseas Company

The cost of registering a company based overseas with Companies House is £20. You should download the OS IN01 form from the website and pay by cheque or postal order.


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  • Our E-Formation package is perfect if you want to secure a company name or establish a dormant company and require no official printed documents.

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  • Essential Formation offers you complete confidence that you’re starting a company with the rules and regulations covered.

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  • Our Entrepreneur package offers you all the advantages of quick and easy formation, with all the paperwork you need to set up as a limited company.

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