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How to Register a Limited Company with Companies House

Running a business is complicated. But the steps you need to take to register a limited company with Companies House shouldn’t be. Start by deciding what type of company structure is most suitable for your type of business. When it’s time to register, gather the required information and register online.


1. Choose a Company Structure

Chances are you’ll want to register a ‘private company limited by shares’. This is what people usually mean when they talk about a limited company.

Under this structure, your company will be a separate legal entity. That means it’s responsible in its own right for everything it does, including any debts it accrues. So your personal finances be protected if the company goes into liquidation.

An alternative business structure is a private company limited by guarantee. This is appropriate for charities and not-for-profits.


2. Get Some Help

You should seek expert advice before you register a company with Companies House.

A company formation expert can guide you through the process. They’ll also explain how to manage your tax when your company starts trading.

  • Once your company is up and running, you will need to register for corporation tax and VAT (the latter only if your turnover meets the £85,000 threshold).
  • You should also register as an employer, even if you will be the only person drawing a salary in your capacity as company director.


3. Choose a Name for Your Company

When you register a limited company with Companies House, you’ll need to give it a unique company name.

  • Your company name will be rejected if it is already on the Companies House register or if it is too similar to one that is.

Got a name in mind? With our free online search tool, you can check whether your company name is available with Companies House.


4. Gather Your Company Information

Much of the information you provide when you register a company with Companies House will be made publically available. This will include basic information about the company directors and shareholders, and the address of your registered office.

If you don’t have a separate address for your business, you should use your home address to register a limited company with Companies House. But if you aren’t comfortable with your home address being made public, we offer a Registered Agent Service which lets you register your business at our Central London location.

  • Your registered office must be in the UK and it must be possible to reach the company directors at the address.


5. List Your Shareholders

As the name suggests, every company limited by shares must have at least one shareholder. In the simplest case, the shareholder is also the company director. You will also need to assign a monetary value to the shares in your company.

  • If you are the only person in your business, you should make yourself the company director and sole shareholder and allocate yourself one share worth £1.


6. Complete the Necessary Paperwork

The most important documents are the memorandum and articles of association. These are the legal documents that define the responsibilities of the company directors, the purpose of the business and the powers of the shareholders.

Did you know? With our company formation packages, you can register a limited company with Companies House quickly and simply. There are four packages to choose from:

  • E-Formation (£9.99): perfect if you want to secure a company name and don’t need any official printed documents.
  • Essential (£19.99): offers you complete confidence that you’re starting a company with the rules and regulations covered.
  • Entrepreneur (£59.99): kick-start your next big venture with official compliance and additional documents of incorporation.
  • Super (£89.99): the complete secretarial and compliance package to establish your company on a robust footing.

Best of all, when you sign up for one of our company formation packages, we pay the £12 Companies House filing fee for you!


7. Double-Check Everything

After you register a company with Companies House, your company name and many of the other details you supplied will be placed on a public record. So you should check all the information you provide very carefully before clicking ‘submit’.

  • Companies House charge a fee for updating certain information, so be wary of typos.

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