Accounting and finance

What is Payroll?

The Formations Company discuss how keeping track of payroll means avoiding the time wasted in dealing with incorrect or late pay cheques and much more.

Baffled by Budgets? How to Create a Plan for your Business

The budget element of a business plan is one of the most useful financial tools available to any entrepreneur. Before...

How to Prepare for the End of the Tax Year

When it comes to admin at the end of the tax year, there is often a lot to keep track of yourself. The Formations Company help dissect the end of the tax year for you and give you best chance to prepare for the the year ahead.

When Are My Assets Depreciating? Learning How to Manage the Risks

To begin to understand depreciation from an accounting point of view, let’s use the example of a company van. Unless...

Investment tax explained: how it will affect your business as an investor or investee

For most entrepreneurs, and especially startup owners, your personal financial well-being tends to be closely entwined with that of your...

How to start a business from scratch

Not everyone knows how to start a business from scratch without funding, contacts or business experience, but it is possible in today’s world.

Financing with new business grants

Gaining funding for your venture is a big deal and new business grants are out there to help. But actually...

A Guide to Tax and What It Means to Your Business in 2022

The Formations Company look into what tax actually means for small businesses, and bring to your attention the obligations that you are likely to encounter as a business owner.

Staying on Track: Tools and Techniques to Monitor and Maintain your Budgets

Rather than just ‘getting by’ day-to-day, we all want to be able to plan. We would like to have advance...

Financial Implications and Cost of Setting Up a Limited Company in 2022

We are often asked how much it costs to set up a limited company. The truth is it can be much less than you imagine and provide greater financial benefits than being a sole trader.