Legal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Small businesses face legal issues more than 10 times every year, but Legal Plan can help cut the costs. Learn more with our Legal Plan frequently asked questions.

Struggling to get sales leads? Why one warm prospect is better than ten cold ones

Continually following up and nurturing leads is a key part of any sales process. If, for instance, you own a...

Choosing a Registered Office Address

Struggling to choose your registered office address? Here are some tips you should consider before you make your decision - by The Formations Company

What is a shareholder?

One step of forming a business is issuing company shares. But first, what is a limited company shareholder and what should you know about their role?

B2B vs B2C Marketing on Social Media: How Do They Match Up?

Whether you are selling to consumers or to businesses, social media is a well-known tool that will help you reach...

What is an Ltd company?

What is a ltd company? What are the different kinds of companies you can set up, and what are the benefits? All is explained in this handy guide.

Work-life Balance and What You Can Do To Make Sure Your Business Supports It

Work-life balance is important to keep a motivated and happy workforce - but also for business owners! Find out how you can improve it and watch your productivity rise.

Dormant companies

Got the perfect business name but need more time? Incorporate a dormant company today and keep your perfect business safe! From only £12.99!

What is Payroll?

The Formations Company discuss how keeping track of payroll means avoiding the time wasted in dealing with incorrect or late pay cheques and much more.

Which Social Media Platform is Best for my Business?

Whether your goal is to spread the word about your new business, capture the attention of new customers, or build...