Welcome to MyBusinessWorks™

What is Works™?

Works™ is an online toolkit containing five leading business services, each one carefully chosen to help small business owners overcome the challenges they face.

You can manage your finances with the award-winning bookkeeping application, Sage One.  Or kick-start your company’s online presence with bOnline (the number one voted best website builder on TrustPilot). You will also get a .com or .co.uk domain to get you and your business online.

All of these services are accessible online. All you need is your personal Works™ login details.


What you get


Bookkeeping software:  RRP £5 per month + VAT

Take control of your finances. You don’t have to be a chartered accountant to get started – it’s designed especially for small business owners who have no previous accounting experience.

Sage One helps you to control your cash flow by quickly producing business insight reports and creating great looking invoices. With 24/7 telephone support, you can get all the help you need, whenever you need it. 


Website builder:  RRP £14.95 per month + VAT

bOnline, voted the number one website builder, provides everything you need to start promoting yourself on the internet with a professional website including a .com or .co.uk domain and business email account. However, it’s about more than just designing a website – you’ll also get help attracting customers, improving productivity, as well as monitoring views and website popularity.

The great thing about bOnline is that it’s easy to use, so you don’t have to be a graphic designer to have a go – anybody can design a site. What’s more, you can create a distinctive brand identity to match your business by choosing the template, fonts and colours too.

If you want to change anything on your website, it’s easy.  Just login and make the changes yourself – no need to pay someone to do it for you. 


Legal document templates and helpline:  RRP £35 per month + VAT

Legal Manager lets you create legal documents for your business from a wide range of templates, including: website T&Cs, debt recovery letters, commercial tenancy agreements, employment agreements, health and safety documents, and company structure agreements. This means you can bypass the solicitor’s office and save yourself some money.

You’ll also have access to a legal helpline, so you can talk to an expert if you need legal advice on running your business.

And because it’s all online, it’s updated automatically if there are any changes in legislation – so you can be sure you’re always using legally compliant documents.


Automatic data backup:  RRP £4.75 per month + VAT

Protect your important business data with simple, secure and automatic online data backup.

MozyPro prevents potentially disastrous data loss in the case where your computer becomes damaged, lost or stolen. All your business data is continuously and automatically backed-up with secure military-grade encryption to ensure all your sensitive data is kept safe

MozyPro also gives you the freedom to restore your files how you want, either using the MozyPro application, the online portal, or through DVDs shipped to you in the post.


Online business training software:  RRP £37 per month + VAT

Improve your business skills as and when you like. Skillsoft helps you develop the know-how to run your business more effectively. There are over 6,000 courses to choose from, on everything from business planning essentials and how to increase sales to Microsoft Office for beginners.

Best of all, because it’s all online, you can complete each course at your leisure, fitting them in around your business. No need to take time out to go to college, and no restrictions on how long you take to finish.  


What can Works™ do for you?


‘Works offer a range of applications that help businesses and especially start-up businesses with the day to day running of their company. It includes a bookkeeping software package that I am using for invoicing and to do my tax return…. It also makes it easier for my accountant as I just need to present him with my accounting figures. More than that, it saves me money on manpower.’

 – Dr I, Chief executive officer, R'eagle minds ltd


‘I’m the owner of a print and graphic design company.  What appealed to me when I subscribed is the cloud based aspect of Works – it’s all online I’m not tied to one dedicated computer, I can, for example do my accounts or access quotes from my laptop while away from office.  To keep my critical  documents safe, the  data back-up service included within Works ‘MozyPro’ is fantastic, being  cloud based & automatic make it worry free protection.’

 – Colin Crabb, Vertiworks


'The software is absolutely right for me. Backing up my folders is really important for my business, plus, when I needed support, the advisor who helped me was perfect, she was so patient, and she took the strain away from me. It’s nice to know there is someone there to help!’

– Sheila Cairns, Sixcelsolutions


Built for small businesses

Access anywhere – Everything’s online, so you have access on any device that has an internet connection. Work from home, at a café, or even on the train

Created for you – Designed with small businesses in mind, these services have been specifically put together to address challenges that small businesses face

All in one place – All the services are accessible from the Works™portal. Just login once and use them all in one place

Easy to use – You don’t have to be an expert at web design or a financial whizz to use these services. They’ve been designed to be simple to use, so anybody can get started with them

Safe & secure – Any data you enter into the software will be kept safe in ultra-secure data centres


How to get Works™

Simply choose a formation package which includes the Works™  offer and check your inbox for a Works™ activation email.  Click on the button in the email and follow the short setup process.  To form your company today and to start using Works™  select a package containing the offer.

When your trial comes to an end, you'll be able to carry on using everything in Works™for £35 per month + VAT.