Running a business

GDPR – What small businesses need to know

25th May 2019 marks 1 year since the deadline for compliance of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which was...

Escaping the nine to five: Can I turn my passion into a niche business?

Turn your passion into profit and start a business you can be proud of. How? - find out here.

Re-energising Yourself at Work: How to Identify and Prevent the Reasons Behind Tiredness

A tired mind can achieve less - let's have a look at simple things you can do to improve your mental well-being.

What is a Person of Significant Control?

What is a Person of Significant Control?   A person with significant control is somebody who owns or controls your...

Desk Jobs and Lowered Productivity: Why Sitting Down Too Much Might Be Affecting Your Work

Being chained to the desk is bad for you, and it can be bad for your business, too. According to...

Is the customer always right? Why good customer service matters

Wondering about how to provide good customer service as a startup? Read on for advice on how to keep clients happy online and off – and why it matters.

Choosing a commercial premises

You have formed a company and now you need to find the ideal commercial premises. Let's look at what needs to be considered before choosing a place.

How to deal with sales objections: when ‘no’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘never’

How the best sales people turn objections into positive results.

What is a Confirmation Statement?

What is a Confirmation Statement? The confirmation statement is a Companies House filing requirement which replaces the annual return. All...

How to Increase Sales

How to increase sales? It’s the question that’s on every entrepreneur’s lips almost constantly. And when a business is in...