Running a business

Structuring your New Law Practice: Do You Need a Partner?

If you are thinking of starting your own law practice, you are likely to be facing the dilemma: going solo or with a partner? Let's look at the pros and cons.

Finally Perfected your USP? Now to Convince your Customers…

The term USP (Unique Selling Point) is often thrown around among other marketing buzzwords with little real meaning. But what...

Tech know-how: why you should upskill as a business owner

Forming a company is just the start: as a business owner you must upskill continually. These handy tips explain how and why to do this while running a startup.

How to reduce cost

Take control of your finances and cut costs where possible. Stopping money leaks is one of the most efficient ways of meeting cost targets.

Budgets Tight? Why Investing Time and Effort can be just as Valuable

Sometimes it can seem as if the only way to solve a specific issue or to boost your business to...

What is Employers’ Liability Insurance?

What is Employers’ Liability Insurance?   The first step of growing your business is recruiting new employees, however additional staff...

Implications of Not Filing for Dormant Companies

It’s a relatively straightforward process to keep a dormant company going. Your duties as a director of any company consist...

Staying on Track: Tools and Techniques to Monitor and Maintain your Budgets

Rather than just ‘getting by’ day-to-day, we all want to be able to plan. We would like to have advance...

Visionary, Laissez-faire, or Charismatic? Finding the Right Leadership Style For Your Business

What leadership style fits your company better? What sort of traits should you look for when hiring a new executive position?

Work-life Balance and What You Can Do To Make Sure Your Business Supports It

Work-life balance is important to keep a motivated and happy workforce - but also for business owners! Find out how you can improve it and watch your productivity rise.