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Customer Service 101: How Technology Can Help You Improve

Technology is a two-way street. It offers new ways for customers to reach out to you with a query or...

Investment tax explained: how it will affect your business as an investor or investee

For most entrepreneurs, and especially startup owners, your personal financial well-being tends to be closely entwined with that of your...

Insurance for the tools of your trade

Insurance for the tools of your trade If you’re a tradesman or contractor your tools are your business. If they...

What Should I Include on my E-commerce Product Pages?

Getting the basics right It doesn’t matter how great your product is if your potential customers are never going to...

The art of negotiation: how to compromise without compromising your business

Learning the art of negotiation is necessary if you’re to reach a sales agreement that all parties are happy with.

Finding the Right Staff: How to Get the Most from Candidates at the Interview Stage

Finding the ideal candidate for your company can be a bit of a challenge - uncovering the basics of the art of interviewing will help you make better decisions.

Workforce wellness on a shoestring: keeping your team healthy and happy

When you register a ltd company, workforce wellness is vital. Employee wellbeing means business success, so what can you do for your startup on a shoestring?

A Complete Guide to Management Technology for Growing Businesses

A bulging order book, an expanding team, and a steady flow of financial transactions are all signs of an up...

Leadership and Management: How to Get the Balance Right

What is the difference between leadership and management? Let's have a look at the roles of managers and leaders.

Insurance for Consultants

Insurance for Consultants As a consultant, you rely on your clients, and they in turn rely on you. Every consultant...