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Coming up with business name ideas can be one of the most enjoyable elements of starting your own business, but choosing the right name that suits your business can prove tricky. Here we list some of the key things you should consider when thinking of company name ideas.


Key considerations


When you start coming up with business name ideas, keep in mind that your name should ideally tell your customers what you do without you having to go into too much further explanation. Take our name – The Formations Company – as an example. Customers looking to form a company know instantly that we’re a contender for their business and need only look further to see if we have a package that suits their needs.


Don’t allow the dictionary to restrict you either. While you should still aim to be descriptive this can often be achieved with ‘new’ words. For instance, Citibank is instantly recognisable as a bank and evokes a feeling of size and greatness with the adapted use of the word ‘city’. This is a particularly useful approach to come up with business name ideas when it comes to ensuring uniqueness, but it’s important to remember to keep company name ideas simple and understandable at the same time.


Tips for coming up with company name ideas


  • Keep your customers in mind – create company name ideas that appeal to your target market as much as they do to you.
  • Stay familiar – think about the emotions you wish to evoke when people think of your business, creating an immediate connection.
  • Be precise – choose names that clearly reflect the products or services your company provides. And don’t make them too long or confusing. It can be helpful to create your company mission and vision to help here.
  • Think big – don’t restrict yourself to trading in a particular location or being a certain size. While you may start off local your business name needs to go with you if you go global too.
  • Be web-friendly – make sure the URL you’d like for your chosen business name is available. Your domain name is what customers will use to find your company, remember it, and share it.
  • Test – once you have a shortlist of business name ideas it’s worth testing them with a selection of people who you would be likely to trade with.


Consider also how your chosen company name will look as a logo. Now is a good time to speak with a branding or design agency to get their input so that you can make sure your brand is believable.


Registering your company name


Once you’ve chosen your company name it’s a good idea to register it as a limited company so it’s protected. First of all, you need to make sure it’s not already registered, which you can do with our free company name checker here. All you have to do then is pick a formation bundle that’s suitable for you, checkout and then submit your application!


Register A Limited Company Name

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