What does it mean to be a business owner today? Is it as aspirational and empowering as it seems, or is grit and sacrifice the true reality? We went out to uncover the truth, and to hear real business success stories from entrepreneurs whose businesses are thriving up and down the country.

Forming a company is not some unattainable fantasy: it's a very real goal that anyone can achieve with the right support. Each of these entrepreneurs has set up shop in a uniquely challenging market, proving that you don't necessarily have to be rooted in the booming tech sector - or even come completely financially ready - to be successful. Their businesses are based on strong moral foundations and pure passion for what they do. They tell the real entrepreneurial story.

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Business advice for entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs share their first-hand experience on the importance of remembering why you formed a company in the first place, and what else to bear in mind along the way.

Debunking the old business stereotypes

There are a lot of stereotypes associated with being an entrepreneur - not all of them accurate. We decided to challenge these myths, and show that you don't have to be a certain type of person to form a company.

The truth about work-life balance

What is the work-life balance really like for self-starters? The business owners we interviewed discuss theirs and the importance of maintaining a healthy mix.

Startup journeys in three words:

The entrepreneurs we spoke to describe their startup journey up to this point in only three words. What would you want your journey to be like?

Meet the entrepreneurs

Casso Cocktails

Founded by Calum Mackinnon, Casso Cocktails make delicious ready-to-drink cocktails in a variety of classic and funky flavours. Simply open the jar, add ice, a straw stir, and serve. Calum saw a gap in the market when he introduced cocktails into a nightclub back home in Scotland, but quickly realised it slowed service down for too much - and so the ready-to-drink cocktail was born.


Gleat actually stands for "Great Local Eating", and it's an app that connects new people with new cuisines in new places. Essentially, the idea is you go and share a meal with a home cook, which you can book and pay for through the app. It gives you the opportunity to experience fascinating and diverse cultures from around the world, right on your doorstep.

Rough Hands

Run solo by Jake Wood, Rough Hands is straightforward graphic design business that creates uncomplicated messages and artful concepts for bands far and wide. Passionate about mutually rewarding work, Jake builds relationships with clients - providing a solid base for both to grow and benefit from.


Whether you're heading off for a couple of weeks or just a few days, it's not always possible, or desirable, to bring your pet pooch along. Happily, DogBuddy provides the ideal dog sitting service. With the options to receive photo updates, take out insurance, and access to a 24/7 emergency vet care line, all you need to do is search for your ideal dog sitter local to you, wherever you are.

Vanilla Orchid Bakery

Hope Mutongwizo's passion for baking came from one sumptuous red velvet cupcake she tried several years ago. Her goal today is to provide clients with the most wonderfully personalised baking creations she can envision. Since starting Vanilla Orchid Bakery. She's served bespoke bakes to people all around the world - each with their own exceptional look and taste.



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