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The difference between a registered and service address

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The registered office and service address are two key addresses you need to provide to Companies House when you’re forming a new company.  Here’s the difference between a registered and service address:


Registered address (Registered Office)

This is the official address of your company. It doesn’t have to be the same as your trading address (which is where you conduct most of your day-to-day business), but it’s where all your important letters from HMRC and Companies House will be sent and it’s the one you’ll use on public documents and company literature.


Service address

This is the public address of the company director. It can be acquired by third parties who wish to communicate with the director about the company and can be located anywhere in the world. Find out more about our prestigious service address service here.


Important things to be aware of

Both your registered address and your service address are publically available and can be viewed by anyone via Companies House.

Because of this many people are reluctant to provide their home address or business premises address for either.

Instead, it’s possible to use a third party address so that people looking up your business won’t be able to see where you live or bombard you with junk mail.

We offer you the opportunity to use our prestigious London address as your registered office and service address. Plus, we’ll forward your Companies House and HMRC mail on to you. The benefits of doing this are:

·         The benefit of having your business registered to a respected City of London address.

·         Increased privacy and security – your personal address will be confidential.

·         Avoiding your home address being inundated with spam and unsolicited business enquiries (think how quickly your junk email inbox fills up….).

So there you have it, there’s a big difference between a registered and service address. Get them mixed up and your address could be made available publically. To avoid any more potential startup business blunders, check out The Formations Company Help Centre.

For further information head to our help centre.

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